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Model: Carmen Kass,
Fable Information: Arthurian Legend
Fable Quote: Queen Guenever, for whom I make here a little mention, that while she lived she was a true lover, and therefore she had a good end.

Name: Guenevere Pendragon
Alias: Queen Guenevere
Race: Human Legend
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Family: Lord Leodgrance: father; Lady Mairwen: mother; Gwenhyvach: half sister; Arthur: husband; Carwyn (8): daughter; Seren (6): daughter; Imogene (4): daughter.
Residence: Camelot
Occupation: Queen of Camelot
Personality: Guene is everything for everyone. She’s a great mother to her girls and a great wife to Arthur and a great Queen for Camelot. She listens to everyone and helps to find a solution that fits everyone. She’s very passionate about anything that is important to someone. This passion goes to all areas in her life. She’s also very intelligent, and has great ideas. But she does not voice them. She learned early on her place in Camelot is only as a nurturer. She has tried to change this, but she hasn’t found anyone to listen. Guene can be very patient, but she does have a boiling point. With those who are close to her, that boiling point is very low. But for children, subjects, and strangers that boiling point is very high. When she does blow, she rages.
Appearance: Guene has light blonde hair with certain dark blonde lowlights. It’s long and half way down to her back. Her skin is milky white and smooth. Her scars from fighting practice are mostly hidden behind her clothing. Her eyes are a clear green with silver flecks in them. They’re framed by thick smokey eyelashes. Guene has a very curveous body. She could never hide that she is a woman, even if she tried by piling on tons of armor to go into battle (which she has done.) She’s tall as well with long legs and arms.
Strengths: Guene is a kind and caring woman. She listens to everyone and genuinely cares about what they’re saying. She has great ideas about politics, running Camelot and war. Rarely are her ideas listened to by men, so she keeps them to herself. She is amazing with a bow and arrow as well as a sword. Guene has been known to defeat very talented men (excepting of course her husband and Lancelot.) She is a wonderful queen and mother. In order to appease the Goddess she tries to save more lives with her healing abilities than those she kills with her fighting. Guene has an affinity for animals that was nurtured when she was younger. She can tell what they’re feeling and react to help them.
Weaknesses: Since Guene is a passionate woman she overreacts frequently. She has troubles talking to Arthur. Everyone else she can talk to. But Arthur just sees her as his loving wife and mother of his children. It frustrates her to no end. Guene ends up confiding into their best friend, Lancelot, instead of just talking to Arthur. She has a tendency to displace her anger and frustration at Arthur on other people. She ends up apologizing to them, but she can’t stop herself. Guene rarely cares what happens to her, as long as the person she’s trying to help is safe. She’s fiercely protective and this has gotten her into many fights.
Close Friends: Arthur, Lancelot
Sworn Enemies: Mordred, Morgan le Fay
Hobbies: Horseback riding, sword play, archery, battle plans and movements, potions, herbs, healing lotions, animals

Brief History
Guenevere grew up in the summer country, very near Avalon. Her father was frequently away, first helping Uther, and later on, Arthur. Her mother practically raised her. Mairwen wished her daughter never to forget her heritage. Mairwen taught Guenevere the magic of the land, much to her father’s disagreement. He loved his women too much to deny either one of them what they wanted. Mairwen was not a healthy woman and to the family’s grief, she died when Guene was eight.

Leodgrance didn’t know what to do with an eight year old girl. So he left her at home, even though his friends were telling him to send her to a convent. At home her nursemaid took up her mother’s teachings. Guene learned much more about healing and the Goddess in that time. She also took up archery and sword play. Her brother was crippled during a battle and since he had time at home, he taught his little sister how to fight, plan and win wars. Guene took to it well. She helped her brother defend their land from many other invading lords and tribes. This gave her great battle experience. She balanced out her life for ten years straight. Her brother died when she turned eighteen and Leodgrance introduced her to Arthur at her brother’s funeral. Guene fell in love with him on site.

The two were married and it was a marriage of love as well as a great political maneuver. Despite his son from Morgan. Guene tried to overlook both Morgan and Mordred. But the rivalry between the two women only escalated when Guene gave birth to three daughters and Arthur would only listen to Morgan’s counsel. Guene was frustrated, hurt, and annoyed. Lancelot changed all of that. He saw her as a partner and equal. He’s best friend to them both and Guene ignores the glances that he gives her. She also ignores the butterflies that go off every time he’s near.